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How to Add a Creative Using Social Import (Auto-Fill)

Download One Pager Info about adding a creative via social import here


Check this tutorial video to see how to add and create a creative in a campaign via social import (auto-fill) in Nova UI

When can auto-fill be used?

  • Public posts from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, X (formerly Twitter) and LinkedIn can be imported via auto-fill
Public posts are accessible without requiring user login. Try to open the URL in an Incognito window to test
  • Manual asset upload must be used for other social post formats (like Pinterest, Snapchat, Threads etc.)
  • Posts which are geo-locked, age-restricted or private cannot be auto-filled
  • Alcohol brands are an example of a category where auto-fill cannot be used due to being age-restricted

Note: Assistance with Manual post creation can be requested here


How to import a social post into Nova UI?

  1. Verify the post is public and Copy the Social Public Post URL from the desired social media (like FB, IG)

  2. In the Nova UI Dashboard, under any Campaign click on Add Creative
    Learn How to Create a Campaign in Nova UI Here

  3. Click Add Display Creative

  4. Paste the URL into the Social Post Import box

  5. Wait for the information to auto-fill
  6. Update the fields as desired
  7. Save the creative

  8. Refer to the following articles to learn How to Generate a Preview and How to Copy or Export an Ad Tag

Note: Refer to How to add a creative via manual asset upload to see how to update the fields inside the creative

Learn how to copy or export the creative Ad tag from Nova UI here
Facing any issues in adding a creative using social import (auto-fill)? Send us your request to support@createwithnova.com