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Social Display Creative Specifications for Manual Asset Upload

Download One Pager Info about Creative Specs Here

Social Display Creative Specifications 


Social Display enables brands to repurpose the same creative built for social
platforms to also run in display formats on the web. Visit socialdisplay.info for examples. 


Social Display Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, X (formerly Twitter), YouTube or any raw assets.

Social Display Post Types: Photo, Link, Video/Reels, Carousel and Stories (includes photo/video slides) 


Brand Logo

Brand name

Creative caption



Story Specifications



Destination URL (required)

  • Destination URL
    • Provide a click-through URL (brand’s landing page,)
      • Clicks to creative caption, media (image or video), link title/description, call-to-action button and any “blank space” all go to destination URL (e.g. brand’s landing page)
  • Social URL
    • Clicks to share buttons (near the bottom) go to the social post within the social platform
    • Clicks to the brand logo, brand name, social platform logo (top right) go to the brand’s social page (e.g. facebook.com/starbucks)

Iconless formats (optional)

  • Option to hide the social network icon (top right corner) and social share buttons (bottom left).
    • The benefit is that all clicks will go to the destination URL. 

Click to see an example




Option A: Creative import workflow

Default workflow is the simplest and easiest, supported for most Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and X (formerly Twitter) creatives

  • Sample Facebook post URLs
  • Additional guidelines
    • Creative auto-import will not work for Facebook channels/accounts or post links that have geo or age restrictions, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat or YouTube creatives


Option B: Creative asset workflow

Used when the creative import workflow is not supported. This include the following

  • Facebook and Instagram posts that are paid (dark), ad preview links, geo-targeted or age targeted - eg. Gambling brands, Alcohol brands, Adult product brands
  • All Stories Creatives from any Social Platform (FB, Insta etc.),
  • LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, or YouTube creatives


Brand logo

  • File type: jpg or png
  • Recommended ratio: 1:1 (square)
  • Width: min 100px, max 500px
  • Height: min 100px, max 500px
  • Max file size: 2 MB

Brand name

  • Text: max 25 characters

Creative caption

  • Caption length: 700 character limit
  • Caption truncation: Automatically truncated to 300 characters with added “See More” link
  • Caption click Behavior: clicks to caption copy go to destination URL (e.g. brand’s landing page) 
    • All clicks go to destination URL, even if the caption copy text includes multiple URLs
  • Emoticons: Supported, similar to Facebook


  • Supported file type: jpg, png, or gif (static or animated)
  • Width: min 500px, max 1,222px
  • Height: min 262px, max 640px
  • File size max: 2 MB


  • Supported file type: mp4
  • Recommended video ratio: between 9:16 and 16:9
  • Width: min 320px, max 480px
  • Height: min 180px, max 860px
  • Recommended File Size: 3MB


Learn Video creative Best Practices here


Autoplay video behaviour on Chrome

  • Videos set as “Autoplay” will autoplay until 4MB bandwidth limit is reached due to Google’s Heavy Ads Intervention Policy. The video will then show a “Keep Watching” overlay which is a similar experience to Instagram. Therefore, Nova video creatives are never removed from Chrome Browser even if they are larger than 4MB.


Stories Specifications


  • Supported file type: jpg, png, or gif (static or animated)
  • Width: min 400px, max 1,222px
  • Recommended Aspect ratio 9:16 OR 4:5
  • File size max: 1 MB per image

Video asset

  • Supported file type: mp4, mov
  • Recommended video ratio: 9:16
  • Width: min 320px, max 720px
  • Duration: Less than 15 seconds
  • File size max: 2 MB per video

Headline and Description (optional)

  • Can customize per scene or keep the same for all scenes
  • Title: 30 characters until automatic truncation
  • Description: 100 characters until automatic truncation
  • Background color and transparency can be customized


If you have any questions regarding Creative Specifications, send us your request at support@createwithnova.com