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Social Display Video Creative Best Practices

Download One Pager Info about social display video creative best practices here.



  • Ensure the social display video file is .mp4
  • The recommended social display video ratio is 9x16 to 16x9
  • The recommended minimum width is 480 pixels
  • The recommended maximum width is 720 pixels
  • Recommended File Size: 3MB


Playback Options & Features:

  • Autoplay: 
    • The social display video will automatically play with sound OFF when minimum of 50% of the ad becomes visible on the user’s screen
    • The social display video will pause when the user scrolls past the video
    • Autoplay option delivers good start and completion rates
    • It is recommended to add a Poster Photo (Thumbnail image) with a Video

      Please note that if the client prefers to display a specific image as the first frame of the video instead of the automatically generated one, they can upload it in Nova UI. This image will be shown as the default before the video begins auto-playing, and it will also serve as the default background for Click-to-play videos.

    • Recommended maximum file size per social display video is 3 MB (we support up to 100 MB)
    • Recommended maximum social display video length is 30 seconds (there is no duration limit in our platform) for optimal performance. But for Best Performance, video duration should be 15 secs or less - but it is just a recommendation, our tech does not restrict users to run videos over 30s.
    • Following the recommended file size and resolution will help improve the overall viewing experience by delaying the "Keep Watching" overlay and increasing the video completion rate.

Note: Chrome’s new Heavy Ads Intervention feature removes any ads larger than 4MB size - however Nova Ads are not affected by it and are never removed by Google Chrome irrespective of file size because of our Adaptive Streaming feature. The Autoplay social display video experience for large videos is explained below:

Autoplay Video experience for large videos on Nova

Social display videos set as “Autoplay” will dynamically check bandwidth usage and autoplay until it hits the 4MB limit. When the limit is reached it shows a “Keep Watching” overlay with a “play” button for users to interact with and watch the rest of the video. This experience is similar to that of the Instagram videos.


  • Click to play
    • Users must click to initiate social display video playback
    • The social display video will begin with the sound ON with an option to mute playback 
    • Maximum recommended file size is 10 MB (we support up to 100 MB)
    • Recommended Maximum social display video length is 30 seconds (there is no duration limit in our platform)
    • Click to Play option delivers poorer start and completion rates since it is user initiated