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Trafficking Best Practices for Social Display with Nova


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Supply and Inventory

Other Guidelines

Best Practices

Troubleshooting Tips



Supply and Inventory

All creative formats of Nova Social Display creatives are supported in all available  exchanges/SSPs. 

Nova's fixed sized social display formats perform poorer than Nova's Flex sized social display formats. Therefore, it is highly recommended to avoid supply sources that predominately load Nova's fixed sized ads.

As best practice, we recommend that you apply the following supply source and inventory targeting for Nova Social Display creatives.

Supply Sources

  • Avoid Google Ad Manager and Yahoo Exchange supply sources (SSPs), if possible, because Nova Social Display ads are incapable of resizing in the GAM supply. They instead render in fixed-size formats. However, we understand that in some markets, Google AdX has the most inventory available and cannot be avoided. Ad performance may be slightly lower for these markets compared to other exchanges/SSPs
  • Avoid Teads TV and Magnite CTV public inventory since these are not appropriate supply sources for display.

Environments (All Display Environments are supported [Web and App])

Recommendation: Mobile and Tablet Web Environments generally show the best performance because users are most familiar with social formats on a mobile device. 



Make sure to use all 4 supported sizes for Nova Social Display Creatives. Make copies of the same Nova creative in your DSP and set them up for all 4 supported sizes below. You can use the same ad tag across all sizes. This opens up more inventory.

  • Include:
    • 300x250 (Medium Rectangle)
    • 336x280 (Large Rectangle)
    • 300x600 (Half Page)
    • 320x480 (Mobile Interstitial)


  • Include:
    ○ Smartphone
    ○ Tablet 
    ○ Computer (if Desktop Web required - generally Desktop performs slightly poorer than mobile.
  • Exclude:
    ○ Connected TV (for Social display ads)


Please ensure to set viewability targeting at 70% or greater


Position Targeting - Avoid Interstitial placements where possible.

We highly recommend not to target Interstitial placements for Nova Social display. Using Interstitial placements may cause Impression count discrepancies. 

  • Interstitial placements often pre-load the ad tag before an ad is displayed, causing discrepancy issues.
  • Interstitial placements are pre-selected by default in DV360. To change this, you'll just need to uncheck "Interstitial" in DV360 when targeting by "Position". In your Insertion order or Line item click ADD TARGETING >> Position and then uncheck "Interstitial".  Please refer to the screenshot below:
    Screenshot 2024-03-13 at 2.57.02 pm
  • Since this is one of numerous placements, this will not limit your overall supply.
  • You should make this change on all Nova campaigns running through DV360.
  • In the event you have a requirement to run interstitials or are seeing performance and want to continue running then, please let us know the estimated impressions running so we can be on the lookout for this issue in advance.

Geo Targets

  • You may apply any geo-targeting as necessary. 
    Note: Extremely granular targeting at the city/town level will likely create inventory constraints similar to any display campaign.

Audience Targets

  • You may apply any First/Third Party Audience target list you have. 

Contextual Targets

  • You may apply any contextual targeting available via your DSP/DMP. 


Other Guidelines

Creative type

  • The Nova Social Display ad tag should always be uploaded as a “third-party
    creative” in every DSP. 


  • Please refer to DV360 Trafficking Instructions Here

The Trade Desk (TTD)

  • Please refer to The Trade Desk Trafficking Instructions Here


  • Please refer to Xandr Trafficking instructions Here

Note: Nova CPM fees are still invoiced separately


Note: Copying tags from spreadsheets

When copying ad tags from Excel sheets or other spreadsheets, you should double-click the cell and select the text within the cell. If you select the cell and copy, then the ad tags are corrupted with extra double quotes. This will cause blank ads to render – so there would be no clicks recorded.

We highly recommend using the Nova “Copy to Clipboard” button when copying tags from the Ad tag page, for trafficking. Alternatively, you can even use our “Share Link” button also found in the Ad tag page.


Best Practices

Once the campaign is live, review the tips outlined here - Campaign/Creative Performance Optimization Tips and Tricks 


Troubleshooting Tips

If the DSP or ad server (e.g. Campaign Manager360)is not registering any impressions, please contact support@createwithnova.com with the following information:

  • Copy the ad tag from the DSP and paste it into a text file and send to as attachment. Or copy/paste the ad tag as email copy.
  • Take screenshots of the Campaign and Creative configuration pages in the DSP showing the tag as pasted/setup in the DSP.
  • Attach any third party impression trackers if they are not tracking impressions.