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How to traffic Nova Social Display ads in The Trade Desk (TTD) DSP

Download One Pager Info about The Trade Desk trafficking guidelines here


Learn about The Trade Desk trafficking guidelines for Social Display with Nova ads.


  1. Click + New Creative
  2. Select Third Party Display and paste the Nova tag
  3. Under Ad Format select 300x250. Note: You may add an additional creative as 300x600 using the same Nova ad tag. We also support 320x480 and 336x280 sizes
  4. Under Securable select This creative may be served on secure web pages

  5. Select No for Expandable?
  6. Optional: Add viewability script to the JavaScript Tracking Tag field
  7. Input flight dates and select Time Zone
  8. Click Go to Creative
  9. You will now be able to approve your creative

Please follow this link to test your tag


You can export the tag from Nova UI directly into TTD using the TTD Connector. Learn more here