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Why is the preview of Nova Ad not displaying correctly in the DSP?

Nova ads preview correctly in major DSPs such as DV360, TTD and Xandr. In some DSPs the preview shown within the DSP may be incorrect but that does not mean the Nova ad has any issues. You can use third party tools to verify rendering is correct.

Nova ad preview is supported by major DSPs such as DV360, TTD and Xandr. However, in some DSPs the Ad preview in the DSP may appear blank or not displayed correctly. The Ad may appear to be cut off or appear in the incorrect size.


This is not a Nova rendering issue. This is an issue specifically with how the DSP preview pages are configured. These pages are not actual websites and do not accurately mimic actual web environments. Therefore, even though it may appear to be broken the Nova ads are infact working fine and will load correctly in live environments. 


In cases where the Nova creative does not display in the DSP preview, we recommend using Third Party HTML tag verification and rendering tools such as Test-A-Tag.com for previewing purposes. If the Nova Ad is rendering fine on third party tools then the DSP preview issues can be ignored. 


If you are still seeing rendering issues please feel free to reach out to us a support@createwithnova.com and we will verify if the Nova tags have been modified or corrupted in any way.


If you have any further questions kindly send us your request at support@createwithnova.com