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How Do I Download Instagram Videos?

Learn how to download Instagram video

Check this tutorial video on how to download Instagram videos

Third-Party Website

  1. Navigate to SaveInsta, SnapInsta, Inflact, IG Downloader, or FastDI
  2. Copy (Ctrl+C or Command+C) and paste (Ctrl+V or Command+V) the desired Instagram link into the search bar
  3. Click Download
  4. Click Download Video

Downloading using the Inspector

  1. Press play on the video
  2. Right click and select Inspect
  3. Refresh the page
  4. Click inside the Elements window
  5. Press ctrl f for PC users and command f on a mac
  6. Type in video and click enter
  7. In the highlighted video class, look for src
  8. Double click on the URL inside the quotation marks next to src
  9. Press ctrl c for PC and command c for mac on the highlighted link
  10. Open a new tab and press ctrl v for PC and ctrl v for mac into the browser and click enter
  11. Navigate to the 3 dots in the bottom right of the video and click download

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Still facing an issue downloading your Instagram videos? Send us your request to support@createwithnova.com