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How Do I Download Facebook Videos?

Learn how to download Facebook videos

Check this tutorial video on how to download Facebook videos

Third-Party Website

  1. Open any third-party website like fdown.net, snapsave.app, fdownloader.net
  2. You can even find more such website by simply searching on Internet for "Download facebook video"
  3. Copy the Facebook URL of desired video
  4. Paste URL and click Download
  5. Close any ads which appear
  6. Click Download in HD Quality button

Note: Ensure the URL is for the individual post and not the brand page

Using the Inspect Window

Learn more here.

  1. Right-click on the individual post page of the Facebook video and select Inspect
  2. Toggle the mobile view setting to the desired device
  3. Refresh the page
  4. Press play on the video
  5. Press "ctrl f" or (command f for mac) and type in "<video"
  6. Copy the link and paste it into your browser
  7. Right click on the video and press "Save" to save the video to your device

Tip: The keyboard shortcut F12 also opens the Inspect element

Inspect Element (HD Video)

Learn more here.

Note: Only use this method for small video files

Requirements: a VPN may be required for geo-tagged posts, and logging in to Facebook may be required. 


  1. Right click on the video and select View page source
  2. Use Ctrl+F on Windows and Command+F on Mac to search for quality_hd
  3. Copy the link next to playable_url_quality_hd with Ctrl+C on Windows and Command+C on Mac
  4. Paste the link into the browser. Use Ctrl+V for Windows and Command+V for Mac
  5. Remove the 5  backslashes (\) from the beginning of the link
  6. Press Enter to visit the link
  7. Download the video from the three dots menu icon or right-click and select Save video as

Warning: The link will not work unless the backslashes are correctly removed

Note: Make sure to exclude the quotation marks when copying links

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Still facing an issue in downloading your Facebook videos? Send us your request to support@createwithnova.com