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How to add a Custom QR Code in CTV Creative?

This article discusses the exciting new feature that allows users to add their own Custom QR Code to a CTV Creative.


Customized QR Codes for CTV

Screenshot 2023-09-28 at 14.27.48
  • To customize QR codes under any CTV creative, navigate to the QR Code section of the creative.
  • The default is “standard”, click the dropdown box and select Custom Image Upload
  • Drag and drop the custom QR code onto the QR Code Image upload (or just click it and select the image to upload)


Important Things to Note:

  • This option is only for CTV (VAST) Creatives
  • There are no specific minimum height/width requirements; standard QR codes should suffice.
  • Support (PNG/JPG) image formats.
  • We are not able to provide any scan tracking on custom uploaded QR codes.


Have any questions about the CTV custom QR Code option? Send us your request to support@createwithnova.com