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Does Nova UI Support Polls as a Post Type?

Nova does not support polls as a post type. It is an “In-app” specific feature and our ads are display ads going to external inventory. Due to GDPR reasons, we cannot track poll answers and give user-specific statistics because our ads do not send user-specific data to us primarily (we are not in a closed in-app environment where users are logged in).


How we can help

  • Nova can build creatives which drive users to the poll post via a landing page URL link and upload the desired Media (a screenshot of the poll)
  • Please follow the procedure for building a creative via social import (auto-fill) or manual asset upload.



  • Input in a Creative name, select a Format Type and Social Type

  • Optional: toggle ON or OFF Social Brand Page, Social Engagement Click URL, or Verified Badge and paste in the appropriate links

  • Add the Caption (Optional), Landing Page URL (the URL of the poll on social media), CTA Button text, Button Color, and Font Color

  • Add Brand Logo, and Brand Name

  • Upload the desired Media (a screenshot of the poll)

  • Optional: Add Trackers

Please refer to the following articles regarding implementing clickimpression, and viewability trackers in the Nova UI 

  • Once you are satisfied, please click Save

Having any questions or facing issues in building creatives? Send us your request to support@createwithnova.com