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What happens to already live Nova Creatives when a Social post is modified/updated in Social?

When a social post that is already running as a Nova Social display creative is updated in the social the same changes will need to be manually made in the Nova Platform without the need to re-traffic tags.

Social Post is refreshed/updated or modified 


When Social Display creatives are set up in Nova platform - Nova only auto-scrapes assets once during the setup of a creative. The creative is not connected in any way with the Social post that is live on Social.

That means the following:

  • Once set up, Nova Social Display creatives are not dependant on the creative being live on the respective Social Channel. The creative can be deleted, removed or stopped from serving in the Social Channel but this will not effect the live Social Display creative set up in Nova. The Nova creative will still serve as usual without issues following the trafficking start and end dates set up in the DSP. 
  • After set-up in Nova, if the Social post in the Social channel is modified, refreshed or updated in any way, the changes will NOT automatically reflect in the creative that is set up in Nova. The changes will need to be manually done in the Nova creative as well and the creative re-saved. Please note, you do not have to re-traffic creative tags when assets, captions or headlines are changed/modified in the Nova creative. The only time you will need to re-traffic an ad tag is if any of the third-party ad trackers are changed/modified in the Nova platform. More details here.


Alternatively, if the modifications made to the Social post is too extensive and is therefore too cumbersome to re-do manually in the Nova UI, we recommend setting up a fresh new creative in the Nova UI with the same Social URL and then trafficking a fresh creative tag.