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How to Add a New DSP Integration


Nova creatives are DSP agnostic and generally work with any Display advertising DSP.

If your preferred DSP is not in the list of Supported DSPs, use the following steps to enable the option for you in our platform and/or add support for a new DSP:


To support a new DSP, all we (Nova Team) require is a list of the Macros that the DSP uses. The only Macro that is compulsory from our end is the Click Macro. 


Step 1 (Mandatory): A click-macro for the DSP must be provided to Nova. This macro is required for the DSP to be able to track any clicks from Nova creatives.

Example: the click-macro for DV360 is ${click_url}


Note: Some DSPs have encoded and unencoded versions of the Click Macro. In cases like that, please send us both versions of the Click Macro.


Step 2 (Recommended): Provide documentation on additional macros from the DSP. This enables Nova to track other debugging information in the creative ad tag.

Example: you can see the DV360 macro documentation here


Nova will provide a sample creative ad tag for you to test within the DSP.


What is a Macro?

  • Macros are predefined expressions used to track and pass specific information
  • Macros included in creative code or click-through URLs expand into a longer code string that the ad server can understand
  • These macros will be executed by the ad server when the ad is served or clicked on


For any questions regarding adding a new DSP integration, feel free to reach out for assistance at support@createwithnova.com. Our team is here to help you resolve any issues you may encounter.