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How to Traffic Nova Social Display creatives via CM360

Download One Pager Info about how to traffic Nova creatives via Campaign Manager here


Overview of Campaign Manager 360 (alias CM360)

Nova Social Display ads can be "Ad Served" via Campaign Manager 360. It can be ad served in any DSP via CM360 tags. This allows for addition of Click Trackers, Impression Trackers and DV (Double verify monitoring and blocking) Trackers to be added directly into CM360 and Ad served. This allows for centralised campaign performance monitoring and reporting.

  • DCM trackers do not need to be added in Nova since they are directly setup in CM360. There will be potential double counting if the trackers are added to Nova. 
  • Nova tags can be trafficked as a Custom Display creative type in CM360.

Note: If CM360 and DV360 are linked by the same account, there is no need to extract the tag from CM360 and traffic it manually in DV360. It can be pushed directly to the DV360 instance (provided it is linked to the CM360 instance).

For all other DSPs you will need to extract the Javascript tag from CM360 and traffic it to the respective DSP.

Trafficking process for all DSPs 

Please refer to how to copy or export a creative ad tag for additional information

  • Select CM360 DSP from the DSP dropdown list and click Copy to Clipboard. It is important to select the correct DSP tag option from Nova. 

  • Setup the Campaign, Placement, and Ad in CM360

  • Add the Creative(s) using Custom Display

  • Set Creative Name,  set the Ad Size (300x250 or 300x600 or 320x480 or 336x280) and select Type as Custom Display

  • Copy the Nova Ad tag in the HTML Field and save the creative. Then configure any trackers following the stand process for any display campaign.

  • Export the DCM tag as Javascript

  • Traffick the Javascript DCM tag in the DSP

  • To confirm everything is set up properly make sure to Preview using test-a-tag.com or the respective DSP preview.

    Have any questions? Send us your request at support@createwithnova.com