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How to add a New Advertiser in the Nova UI

This article provides information on creating a campaign for a new Advertiser and how to add a new Advertiser in Nova's UI.

Check this tutorial video to see how to add a new advertiser in the Nova UI

Procedure for adding a New advertiser

Please refer to our article on how to create a new campaign in Nova for more information.

  1. Login to the Nova UI here

  2. Select the appropriate team (on the top-right) and Click on Add Campaign to start adding social content to Nova

  3. Add a Campaign Name

  4. Type in the name of the new advertiser manually. Once you have typed in the name, you will see the option "New Advertiser" appear next to it. Simply click on the new advertiser name to add the advertiser to the campaign.

  5. Optional but Recommended: Choose an Advertiser Vertical from the drop-down menu or enter the vertical manually using the same method as adding a new advertiser.

  6. Optional: Upload a logo

  7. Optional: Fill in the following fields for tracking and informational purposes

  8. Click Save


If you require assistance in adding a new advertiser, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at support@createwithnova.com. We're here to help!