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Trafficking a CTV/OLV Creative and Accessing VAST URLs

This article will explain the procedure on how to get the VAST Tags from a CTV/OLV creative for trafficking in your Ad Server / DSP.

Nova's CTV and OLV creatives are trafficked using VAST tags and we support all major versions of VAST: 

  • v2.0 (2012)
  • v3.0 (2012)
  • v4.0 (2016)
  • v4.1 (2018)
  • v4.2 (2019)




  • To obtain the VAST Tags, you must Render the creative.


  • Find the creative on the Dashboard or Campaign page, and click the Ad Tag button.

  • Locate the correct version of the VAST URL for your desired DSP / Ad Server, and click the Copy to Clipboard button.

If you are unsure which VAST version to use, consult your DSP / Ad Server documentation. After that, if you’re still unsure, try the highest version and work your way down.


  • Paste the VAST URL into your DSP / Ad Server as a Third Party Video Creative.


Documentation links for common DSPs:



Video Specifications for common DSPs:



If you hav any questions or are facing any difficulty in trafficking CTV/OLV VAST Tags in your Ad Server/DSP then send us your request at support@createwithnova.com