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Supported Ad Sizes for all Nova creatives

Nova Social Display ads should be trafficked to 4 ad sizes - 300x250, 300x600, 320x480 and 336x280.

Download One Pager Info about rendering options here


Check this tutorial video to learn how to preview ads in different sizes 


All Social Display creatives are trafficked in your DSP as standard third party display tags. 

IAB placements to target are 300x250, 300x600, 320x480 or 336x280.

Social Display with Nova ads can render in either a flexible experience or a fixed-size experience.

When trafficked to the 4 supported sizes, Nova ads will automatically resize the ad iframe and load the full-size (flex) version of the ad by default. The following previews are shown in the Nova platform for all ads.

    • Flex: The full sized version of the ad that loads by default by resizing the ad iframe
    • Fixed 300x250: Fixed sized 300x250 version
    • Fixed 300x600: Fixed sized 300x600 version
    • Fixed 320x480: Fixed sized 320x480 version
    • Fixed 336x280: Fixed sized 336x280 version

Nova social display creatives will automatically render the fixed size version when served to un-resizable ad slots such as in Mobile Apps, in AMP pages etc.



Rendering Environments


  • Flex:
    • Mobile Web and Desktop Web
    • All non-safe frame SSP's (non-Google)

  • Fixed sized versions (300x250, 300x600, 320x480, 336x280)
    • Mobile App
    • AMP page (ampproject.net domain)
    • All inventory serving within Safe frames (generally when GAM supply is used)


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