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Invite a User to Your Organization and Team

This article will explain the procedure on who you can add and invite user(s) to your Team in Nova Platform.

Check this tutorial video on how to invite a user to your Organization and Team


  1. When you're logged into Nova UI, click on the gear icon in the top right corner of the page

  2. Press Invite User

  3. Input the user's email address

  4. Select the User Type

  5. Assign the user to a team

  6. Assign a Team Role

  7. Select Invite User

Make sure you ask the new user to look out for the email in Inbox/Spam folder. The invite will expire in 24 hours, so please sign up asap.


Have any questions or facing issues in inviting a user to your team or organization? Send us your request to support@createwithnova.com