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How Do I Duplicate a Social Display Creative?

Download One Pager Info about duplicating creatives here


Check out this tutorial video on how to duplicate a creative


Duplicate Creative Features


  1. You want to create a different social platform variation of an existing creative (e.g. have an Instagram photo post that you want to convert into a Facebook photo post using the same assets)
  2. Useful for any subtle creative or tracking variations you need to make
  3. Duplicate the creative and then make any edits to the caption or asset uploads
  4. You can duplicate a single copy or multiple copies of a creative (up to 10)
  5. The creative can be duplicated
    • Within the same campaign
    • In a different campaign
    • In a different team
If a creative has 3rd party Trackers added like Impression, Click, IAS, MOAT and DoubleVerify etc., then you've got the option to include or not include them while duplicating the creative


  1. When on the Nova Dashboard screen, navigate to the creative you would like to duplicate and click Duplicate.

  2. Select the Campaign to save the duplicated creative to

  3. Optional: You can choose to duplicate the creative with Third-Party Trackers

  4. Single Copy can be made, if desired, by clicking Duplicate

  5. Multiple Copies (up to 10) can be created by inputting a desired value and clicking Duplicate



Have any questions or facing issues in duplicating a creative? Send us your request to support@createwithnova.com