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Rideshare & Food Delivery Brand


Better cost-per-click
Major global rideshare and food delivery brand reduced the cost-per-click compared with both standard display and paid social by using our ads in display inventory on
the web.

Global Cosmetics Brand 


Results that matter
Global cosmetics brand drove quality traffic to their WhatsApp business account using Social Display with Nova. 62% of users exposed to the ads were likely to consider the brand in the future and the brand achieved an average CTR of 0.8%.  

Hot Sauce Brand 


Results that matter
The brand saw 12 seconds of average attention time compared to only 4 seconds for the same creatives in the walled gardens. The average viewability on the open web was 77% compared to only 25% on social feeds.

D2C Furniture Brand 


CTV Retargeting
D2C bedroom furniture brand increased direct response visits to their website using Social Display with Nova.

Consumer Electronic Brand


Brand engagement
Consumer electronic brand increased brand engagement using Social Display with Nova.

Travel Brand 


Local awareness
Travel brand increased local awareness using Social Display with Nova.

Film Brand 


Purchase intent
Film brand increased movie ticket purchase intent using Social Display with Nova. By using Social Display with Nova, this film company was able to increase sales
intent, awareness of the movie, and likelihood of customers to talk about the movie with family and friends.

Cruise Line Brand


Branding awareness
Cruise line brand increased branding awareness using Social Display with Nova compared to standard display.