Campaign Performance Report for Display Creative

Download One Pager Info about campaign performance reports here


Check this video tutorial on how to download the campaign performance report in Nova UI

The Campaign Performance report can be used to get the data metrics for various posts like:

  • Photo
  • Story
  • Carousel
  • Video


Metrics Available in Campaign Performance Report

The Campaign Performance Report section includes the summary information about

  • Number of Ads rendered
  • Clicks
  • Social clicks
  • Outbound clicks
  • CTR
  • Outbound CTR.


It also includes the daily breakdown of report for Video and Non-Video posts.


The Video metrics includes information such as

  • Video duration
  • Video type (Autoplay/Click-to-play)
  • Ads rendered
  • Player loads
  • Player load rate
  • Video starts
  • Video start rate
  • 1s views, 2s views, 3s views, 5s views, 7s views, 9s views, 10s views
  • 3s view rate, 10s view rate
  • 25% completions, 50% completions, 75% completions, 95% completions, 100% completions
  • 100% completion rate


Procedure to Download Campaign Performance Report


1. In Nova UI, click the gear icon next to Campaign

2. Click the Campaign Performance Report  button to download the report

3. Click Run and Download after popup appears to download report


Campaign Performance Report Example

With the campaign performance report, you can find the following items:

Summary Tab

  • The Campaign section includes campaign Name, creation date, the email address of the campaign creator, and the campaign link

  • The Campaign Report section includes information such as number of ads rendered, clicks, social clicks, outbound clicks, and CTR and outbound CTR percentages. 

  • The Creatives section shows the creative name, type, and link to each


Data Tab

The Data tab includes the creative name and GUID, ads rendered, clicks, CTR, outbound clicks, outbound CTR, social clicks, and post URL for each creative


Data (Daily) Tab

This tab includes the same information included in the Data tab, but breaks it down by day


Carousel Tab

The Carousel Tab provides information such as the creative name and GUID, slide count, ads rendered, clicks, CTR, social clicks, social interaction rate, outbound clicks, outbound CTR, 25% completions, 50% completions, 75% completions, 100% completions, 100% completion rate, and post URL.


Carousel (Daily) Tab

This tab provides similar information to the Carousel Tab, but breaks down the information by day.


Video Tab

The Video tab includes information such as the creative name and GUID, duration, video type, ads rendered, player loads, player load rate, video starts, video start rate, 1 second views, 2 second views, 3 second views, 5 second views, 7 second views, 9 second views, 10 second views, 3 second view rate, 10 second view rate, 25% completions, 50% completions, 75% completions, 95% completions, 100% completions, and 100% completion rate. 


Video (Daily) Tab

This tab is similar to the Video tab, but shows daily results.



Definitions Tab

The definitions tab gives definitions for each term in the campaign performance report along with additional notes


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